Face Mask (for Lighting Skin+Glowing Skin)

Hello, my lovely people out there!!!

Traditionally, our Nani – Dadi used to apply natural ingredients on their face. Those helped their skin maintain the firmness and glow. They can be made in no time. Homemade face packs are perfect for nourishment, natural within glow, even skin, and very affordable. Yes! You heard it right AFFORDABLE. Ingredients are found in your kitchen.

Let's begin with the recipe:

1. 4 Spoons of Honey
2. 1 Spoon of Turmeric powder
3. 2 Spoons of Lemon juice

Mix it properly and apply on your face. Don’t forget the neck. Let it dry for 10-15mins while you relax.
Before removing it, press your wet hands onto your face gently and massage for 1min. Rise it with cold water.

Use this face mask thrice a week. It helps to even out the skin tone, reduces tan and gives a natural glow.

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